Why are custom built computers are better than store bought?:

Custom computers are configured around a person. We find out exactly what you want to be able to do on your new XFX Tech PC. We then configure a system designed to do all that you want and even more. The result is a system that exceeds your expectations and
performs better than a store bought system.

   Store bought computers often have hardware and software installed that is already out-dated by the time the computer hits the shelf.

   Store bought computers often have refurbished parts inside them. While this is great for building cheaper computers, you never know what parts are refurbished. We may order refurbished parts for a custom build, but you will always be given the choice between refurbished and new parts.

    XFX Tech custom computers come with support that is local for house calls, and also feature remote control tech support free for one year. With store bought systems you receive tech support but it's nowhere near local.

    We will walk you through the entire process of configuring both hardware and software to create your perfect PERSONAL COMPUTER. We also offer customized servers.

We can build a pc for almost any budget, from basic value system to extreme gamer!

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    Sorry due to licensing policies with Apple, we cannot put together custom Macs. Maybe they will allow it someday!