• Data Backup and recovery:We can make a complete backup of your system onto DVDs or Blu-Ray discs, Which you can then restore your computer from, with just a few simple clicks. We can also remotely host data backups.

     System Imaging & Restore Disc Creation $59.00 & Up
    Price does not include agent hourly rate.
    (Depending on amount of data)
        It is a good idea to have a system image made before you encounter problems.
             *The image of your system is a bootable disc which will wipe your system and replace everything, restoring your system to the way it was at the time of imaging. You can then restore at anytime on your own. So contact us to get your system imaged today!

     System Recovery & Agent Restore $49.00
    Price does not include agent hourly rate.
    (A previous system image disc is required)
            *A technician will come to your home or office and perform the restoration, You must have a previous system image available for this.

     Remote Data Backup plans are also available.

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