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  • Stadard Computer Maintenance:Would you rather someone other than you complete the standard maintenance
    on your system. Our maintenance package includes: Registry and disk defragmentation, operating system and antivirus updates, case and fan cleaning, temporary file removal, and start-up optimization. By cleaning up the system, you will notice faster performance, and less noise from the case. Our maintenance range from single visit to monthly and yearly plans.
  • Standard Maintenance:

    Single Visit $75.00  (*Upto 3 hours total on-site time) *Hourly rate billed after*

    Monthly $95.00 (1 on-site session and 1 remote maintenance session) 2 sessions a month.
    Monthly On-site $139.00 (2 on-site sessions, no remote sessions)

    Maintenance and Adminstration (Admin+):
    Admin+ Subscriptions are available for business clients:
    Admin+ subscriptions are based on number of systems or servers, and include administrative tasks such as web and server administration, all standard maintenance, user profile management, and soon virtual workstation deployment, and management. *Website design is not included*

    Admin+ subscriptions require an on site consultation, and estimate for service.
    (But we promise, we are reasonable!)

  • Contact Us For Other Services Like:
    Website design, Media Editing, Database Creation & Management,
    Software Developement, and more!