• Spyware & Virus Removal:
    We can scan your system for spyware and viruses, and remove them. Often without having to erase and restore your computer. Avast Antivirus is then installed and properly configured to keep you protected.
  •      Pesky spyware and viruses can lead to major problems such as your personal information being shared without you even knowing it. These nasty bugs can also do serious damage to your computer. They can delete core system files and leave your system stuck at a blue screen, and the only fix is to wipe out the system. They can also put your identity at risk.

        We often can remove spyware and viruses without having to wipe your system.

        Sometimes the damage to systems can be so serious that we have no choice but to wipe the system and completely reinstall everything. If this is our only option, we can try to salvage your personal files for you before we erase the system. We always try to remove the problem first. and will let you know if further actions are needed.

        We also provide 30 days of free tech support with all spyware and virus removal services.
        We also do Macs so don't worry we have ya covered when you're stuck in a loop!

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