• Remote Control Tech SupportYou may email us by clicking the icon to the left if you wish to schedule a remote tech support session. Note: You will need to be at your computer to grant us control of your system. You must remain at your system during the session.
  • User ForumsYou can browse the user forums, here you may find details on specific problems you may be having, and solutions others have found for them. Note: The forums are coming soon.
  • Boot & Nuke CDIf your system is really bad and you feel the need to wipe it out completely, We have put together a boot cd that will allow you to do it. We don't recommend you do this yourself, but it's available if you want it.
    Click to download
    Note: You must burn this ISO image to a cd or DVD.
    (Click the cd to the right to download.)

    Boot from this disc and all data on the system will be erased. You can then reinstall an operating system and all of your software.